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Our Services

Our services are all geared around helping a person understand his or her own personal trauma as well as opening pathways and channels to help move the trauma energy out of the body.  We believe this is what brings true healing.

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Counseling Services

Our licensed therapists are all trained in the latest trauma-response modalities including:

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)

  • IFS (Internal Family Systems)

  • CPRT (Child-Parent Relationship Training)

  • Play Therapy

  • Sand Tray Therapy

  • Mindfulness-Based Approaches

  • Counseling for ADHD and Autism

  • Expressive Arts

Classes and Events

At Innsaei, we also believe that community holds great power for growth and healing so, as part of our services, we also offer circles and events geared around trauma release and total healing. Offerings include:

  • Gentle Yoga

  • Breathwork

  • Art Classes

  • Sound Baths

  • Tea Ceremonies

  • Music Night

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What Our Clients are Saying...

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Innsaei's approach to trauma is completely different than any place I've been before. My child has made incredible progress in just a few short months. There's really something to getting trauma out of the body!

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