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Navigating stories from the heart

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A Safe Space to Heal

This is a healing circle where individuals are invited to tell their stories from their heart of pain, struggle, who seek to find forgiveness in themselves and in the other. We don’t heal in isolation and being able to share in a safe container with others who are also willing to be vulnerable, is the true essence of what our human-ess asks of us. Profound healing takes place when hearing and witnessing an individual who surprisingly has a story with similar pieces as our own. We begin with a meditation, followed by sharing, discussion, and ending with a tea ceremony.

Healing Circles - Instagram Post.png

The Journey

The night will begin with discussing ways to regulate our nervous systems as we recover from difficult situations followed by a guided meditation lead by Vanessa. Then we open up the circle by lighting the candle together and sharing our current check-in, what is currently happening in our heart. We will then pause for a bathroom break and eat yummy snacks that are provided.

After the discussion we will shift our focus and begin to prepare for the tea ceremony. This is a time for individuals to be seen and share what currently lies in their heart and mind, allowing a space to feel safe in the confidentiality we ask all to keep for each other.

Meet your Facilitators

Vanessa Karr

Vanessa has been on an intense healing journey for the past 8 years and feels that her deepest gift is her ability to hold even greater understanding, compassion, presence and love for the complexity of being a human. She has attended multiple trainings and workshops to understand how healing works in the body, mind and soul. Some of these include: Emotional Healing Process, Internal Family Systems, Quantum Touch Healing, Reiki, Soul Psychology, Sacred Activism Apprenticeship, Ancient Plant Knowledge mentorship, Shamanic Breathwork, and the Pachakuti Mesa: a study of shamanic arts.

Vanessa loves to spend time barefoot on the earth, soaking up the warmth of the sun rays and going on adventures. I believe in the healing power of the elements and in the ancient ways of healing in community our ancestors lived.


Angell Gann

Angell Gann is a single momma to three beautiful boys. She has been on this path of healing though and after divorce for 10 years. Through those years she navigated her own healing with counseling, energy work, body work, nutrition, outdoor recreation and community. She has been trained in several energy work modalities. She is so excited to share what she has learned to find her own inner peace and stability after heart break and life changes.


The Exchange

The monetary exchange that you will receive for $130 is three nourishing 2 1/2 hour sessions that include:

•Being deeply witnessed and guided in a safe container

•Community support with those who are walking a similar path

•Learning how to self regulate and deeply love yourself

•Tea ceremony and nourishing snacks

For a single session, a sliding scale of $50 - $60 is needed to reserve your spot. If you are not able to attend each week you only need to pay for the evenings you can attend. It is $130 for 3 circles + tea ceremonies if you pay in advance.

We look forward to sharing this healing space with you!

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